Monday, May 09, 2005

Here we go again...

While the AFP tries to defend its recent expenditure, i raise my eyebrows. New infrastructure? Is it REALLY that beneficial?

Working in the area of Annapolis, i often come by the area which they are currently "renovating". I wonder how the officers who permitted this can ever justify that this will benefit everybody. The soldiers and other officers who will benefit it mainly will be those using the campgrounds on a daily and semi-daily basis. They can "jog better" and it's about time this thing is renovated anyway. However, the new article which questions, what about the Mindanao forces? brings back the argument of it being a benefit for all.

Would you rather give rice to those soldiers sacrficing their lives for the good of the country, or use it to renovate a slab of area on which limited soldiers can utilize?

Reading more about the current state of our armed forces in Time makes me all the more sadder. Our Armed Forces is not equipped with the proper sustainance, health benefits and weaponry that it should have. As far as corruption goes, i guess we are truly feeling the brunt of it from the past. How can we expect these people to defend us when we cannot even sustain them properly?

*sigh* Somebody tell these guys to rethink their priorities.

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